Strategic Planning at the Chronicle Gazette


The Chronicle Gazette is a leading newspaper in the United States with a circulation of 225,000 customers. Over the past few years, it has been facing a decline in its customer base and revenues. This is mainly due to the increasing dominance of the Internet as a means of disseminating information and news. The newspaper publishing industry in the United States is going through a difficult phase with declining revenues. Both subscription revenues and advertising revenues have been steadily declining. One of the main causes for this downfall is that readers are using the Internet to get news content for free and are reluctant to pay. The global economic recession has cut down the advertising revenues for newspapers.

Cost of publishing has increased and a majority of newspapers have increased prices. This has further distanced consumers from traditional newspapers and made online news websites more popular. The main purpose of this report is to present measures for The Chronicle Gazette to boost its circulation and increase profits. The report will analyze the newspaper industry in the United States giving details of its present status and future position. It will also present facts on the factors that have lead to the decline of the industry. The report will analyze the trends in the newspaper industry and the strategies adopted by leading companies in the industry. It will provide details on the measures adopted by companies in the publishing industry to overcome the losses. By taking into account the internal and external factors affecting the industry and the publishers, the report will present the measures to be adopted by The Chronicle Gazette to increases its advertising revenues and widen its readership base.
The United States Newspaper Publishing Industry
The main products of the United States newspaper industry are daily, weekly, monthly and Sunday newspapers. The United States newspaper publishing industry consists of….Order Your Paper

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