Christianity And Culture Final Essay Assignment Paper

Christianity And Culture Final Essay Assignment Paper

Culture is reflected in the way people dress; communicate through their music, art galleries,technology, language literature and many more. It also highlights their customs andachievements.Culture is a critical factor in the creation, transmission and adaptation of the gospel. Sinceculture is the order in which certain human begins conducts themselves or their lives, it hasmany rivers flowing into it from the ancestral past and from intersecting societies. Christianity And Culture Final Essay Assignment Paper The
customary ways of one’s fore bearers become accepted
 as the norm by default and in timenew ideas reshape that norm. People choose either to follow divine revelation or to follow thecultural accepted norms. Now for believer to overcome his cultural barrier in accepting the divine revelation that isfound in the bible one must transcend his/her own culture and comprehend the bible in itsown environment.When the New Testament came it brought the message of Jesus Christ. The Jewish peoplewere expecting a military Messiah who would restore the nation of Israel to its former gloryfor Palestine was under foreign domination and Hellenistic culture permeated Palestine.Hellenistic culture influenced a lot in the writing of the New Testament literature . Christianity And Culture Final Essay Assignment Paper Theinfluence of the Greek philosophers also unpacked a lot upon the culture of Christiancommunity, it brought up the rise of Gnosticism and heretical teachings.Due to the circumstances mentioned above most of New Testament writers (authors) wroteagainst the prevailing cultures of the day. People of the day practiced witchcraft, magical arts,immorality, drunkenness, adultery and many more which were accepted to the people but theword of God called them to repentane
Culture and spirituality belongs to separate spheres, but they interact with one another.
Spirituality is one’s standing with God. There no culture that is good or bad. In every culture
there is something that is good and something that is bad. Now the measuring rod of how tofind some good or bad in the culture is the word of God.Therefore bad practises are to be dealt away with by the people of God. Yahweh gives a legallegislature at Sinai Mountain to instruct how a holy people must conduct themselves. Thiswas to counter the culture of the Canaanitish people who sacrificed their children to Baal,
worship idols and encouraged prostitution through their fertility God’s.
Belonging to the kingdom of Good means that one lives a life according to the ordinances of
God or under the authority of God and living under the authority of God means one’s life is
 pleasing to God and also to men. Being born again in the kingdom of God does not exempt usfrom abiding with laws of the land as long as they are not contradictory to our Christian belief system.Christians cannot force their religious beliefs on others but they use their good influence toinfluence the society at large. The concept of Christendom; failed in the middle ages. This hawhen the crusaders tried to overpower and force Christianity to be the only form of worship.We have different cultures in the world of today and most of our cultures are influenced by
the theology of the local people. Democratic societies in today’s world have passed
laws thatare in contradiction with the word of God or what is professed by the Christian message.Same sex marriage is being legalized in other states or National and its impacting on theChristian message in such a way that others in the Christian fraternity are beginning tocompromise the message and bless the union of same sex relationships. The bible expects usto live and many opposite sexes and God created them both male and female to becompanions to each other and procreate.People of today have adopted a culture in which they abort pregnancies as a result they
 promote promiscuity in today’s youth, the bible says thon shall not kill and now we have
created ourselves were murder is legalised
There is also legalised that is destroying people’s lives and it
name is alcohol or beer, it isvery addictive once a person is imprisoned by the chains of alcohol it is difficult for him tofree himself from it. It being advertised on television and they use handsome and beautifulwomen to advertise it. Christianity And Culture Final Essay Assignment Paper Young people when they see it, they assume success is achieved by people who drink beer and therefore we have created a culture of drunkards. On the otherhand Christian are advised by the word of God not give their lives to alcohol but to have asober mind. The bible says the spirit that God has given us is not the spirit of fear but a spirit
of power and a sound mind”. Christianity And Culture Final Essay Assignment Paper 
Some communities are still rooted in their culture which accommodates ancestral worship.They believe that their ancestors are mediators between them and the Gods. They must keepthem happy or appease them as this will attract a blessing for them. Due to the factorsmentioned above some in the Christian fraternity for example in Southern Africa, they mixedChristian beliefs and their culture.As a result syncretistic religion has emanated, they mix traditional beliefs and Christian beliefs. They worship both their ancestors and God, they behave Jesus is the ancestor ofwhite people and some things because Jesus is white does not understand them better so theyresort to their ancestors. But Christianity advocates one God and pledges allegiance to no oneelse except God through Jesus Christ and the Bible s
ays “Neither is there salvation
in anyother: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be
saved.”[Acts 4:12]
 Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, as the Bible puts it in the book of John. [John 14:6]. Agood culture is the one that takes us in the direction that does not contradict with the way ofthe Lord. Believers must not allow bad influences or practices of their culture to hinder their progress in Christianity Christianity And Culture Final Essay Assignment Paper 

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